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This is one of our popular stock plans being built in Sydney.
An excellent example of a professional design being well built.


Photographs show an Express Delivery being built by Harry and Michael Leontsinis of Sydney Australia. One of the frustrating things of selling a lot of plans worldwide is that there is not the opportunity to follow progress by dropping in to the building site every few weeks. Harry and Michael prove what we always say " give a good tradesman a good set of drawings and the right equipment and he can build anything" The photograph above  shows the boat being built inverted on a "building jig" which was detailed in the plan set. The frame shapes were drawn full size on a large timber platform that then served as the work area for frame construction.

Next photo is the hull plated with 6mm 5083 aluminium and nearly ready for turning over. The hull plated up with out too much effort, with a few "tricks of the trade" used to fit the bottom plating at the bow. The secret is not to try to pull the plating down to the transverse frames between the keel and the chine and to let it fit at the stem, chine, and keel. The frame about a third back sets the shape forward.

This photograph shows the boat ready to be turned over and outfitted. Harry and Michael have developed a very skilled eye for a sweet line and have introduced some changes to the appearance that does them much credit. This is going to be one beautiful boat.

This article was published on Thursday 06 August, 2009.
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