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The firm Cecil E Boden and Associates was established about 1954. Prior to that the principal, Cecil Boden was involved with World War two and post war military and commercial work. Cecil graduated in Naval Archiecture from the University of Glasgow in 1932 and up to WW2 was involved with smaller commercial craft design. From 1954 he specialised on steel and timber pleasure craft and small commercial tug, work boats and fishing trawlers. Always trying to blend good design into good money making commercial craft. He published 10 editions of his well know Bodens Boat Design Book selling in all 100,000 copies.

In 1984 ,as a result of Cecil's death, Boden Boat Plans was formed to specialise specifically in the design and markets of small craft plans. New designs were introduced and in 2002 the opportunity came to obtain the portfolio of one of Australia's most respected small craft designers Bill Bollard.

Present staff are experienced boat builders and designers who have worked in both the recreational and commercial markets. We use the latest CAD software to produce all new designs. Our latest plansets include 3D models as well as traditional engineering drawings to assist with the building process. We are contnually adding new or revised designs and will personally answer any questions about our boats.

Once you purchase a set of plans we will provide a technical backup service as long as you need our technical advice. We know different people's boat building skills vary so don't be afraid to ask us anything. Remember, the only stupid question is the one that never gets asked!

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